Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Update

I've gotten some texts/emails/calls inquiring about my well-being, so I decided to do a quick post just to fill you all in.

  • There were about a dozen people in line in front of me at the liquor store last night (not to mention employees and the customers who were still shopping). Previously, I'd never seen more than 2-3 bodies TOTAL in the store at any given time. When  the going gets tough, New Yorkers get wasted.
  • You cannot buy any bread in the entire city. But I went to the grocery store last night and somehow managed to find a pack of Martin's Hoagie Rolls (top). Score! It's a Central Pennsylvania thing - and I was THRILLED.
  • Right now it's raining off and on - and there's no wind to speak of. The worst of the storm will be tonight.
  • Mass transit is completely shut down and my job is closed. Not sure if we'll be open on Monday am, which is when I'm due to go back. But if we remain closed, I won't get paid - so I'm hoping that things get back to normal by then.
Thanks to everyone for your concern - and extra thanks for all the birfday well-wishes yesterday.




Wonder Man said...

Glad you are okay and Happy B-day

froggy said...

Glad for the update! Will be interested to hear how the kitties do and if they *know* something different is going on.

mistress maddie said...

It is the same here to girl! I have never seen the store cleaned out like yesterday. Even the God damn tonic water for my gin was sold out-bitches!

theminx said...

We've just got some rain here, so I know you're still ok. Please keep us posted as long as you have power, 'k?

(I didn't know Martin's made hoagie rolls. Yum!)


Ted said...

The reason I've been watching and commenting is because I've been through one of those "only Cat 1" hurricanes and, along with the tornadoes, it caused plenty of flooding, and loss of power and phone service for about a week. The restaurants who could open without electricity provided a real community service - and made a FORTUNE. Hope you can stay safe, dry, and comfortable.

David Dust said...

Thanks everybody.

Froggy - the cats seem totally normal. And by "normal" I mean "sleeping" :)


Ruffy said...

The liquor store was packed when I drove by earlier today!! I know I'm a cocktail in already...just waiting for the storm to rally ramp up!

Big Mark 243 said...

Take it easy... and hope your power remains on... I used to hate that about hurricanes... always knocking the darned power out... but in rural Carolina it wasn't saying much... Cleatus trippin' over the extension cord could have done it too..!

Tivo Mom said...

thanks for the update. been thinking about you. forgot to say Happy bday yesterday friend. celebrate after Irene leaves. hope power stays on tonight. Jim Cantore on the weather channel is making me laugh as he explains all that is going on in NY. He loves the drama...although he does look as if he has been working out. check the arms if you get a chance.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

many happy returns!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I saw a note on facebook that the Urges will be open until 4am.

Getting there from Queens, however, may present a bit of a problem!

PS: why do you think "hurricanes" are the signature cocktail in New Orleans? It's not 'cause they taste good- it's 'cause they get you fucked up enough to weather the storm!

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