Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Earthquake?!?

As most of you now know - the Northeast U.S. was hit with a magnitude 5.9 earthquake (which is big for us, don't judge). Meanwhile, I didn't feel a damn thing. My job is located directly over the 7th Avenue Subway line, so the ground rumbles about every 5-10 minutes and we don't even notice.

On the other hand, Mama Bunny - who is located in South-Central Pennsylvania - REALLY felt it and ran into her front yard (as did her neighbors). But she is fine and there was no damage.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to use this incident to possibly go home early...



froggy said...

Glad to hear from you!! And Mama Bunny. Twitter had it first, bless its heart, and I was concerned!

Dan said...

Girl! I am in DC and the building I was working in was rocking!

Never experienced anything like it before and holy crap, it was pretty intense.

The floor actually felt like it was rolling and the next thing you know everything was swaying and shaking!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

our building is a fallout shelter- i didn't feel anything but other people in detroit felt it and one building got evacuated here.

my sister and her husband and kid live near the epicenter- i'm waiting on word from my folks-more curious then concerned since they have been reporting that it caused mild damage.


Kailyn said...

I am obviously going to burn in hell for rolling my eyes at folks on the East Coast. Because karma is indeed a bitch. Around 11:40 we were hit with a 3.6 -- centered within two miles of my house. Loud as hell. Cats are freaked out beyond belief. Boris has finally decided to venture out from under the dining room table. I think he's trying to tell me, "Ask David if he can send me that Bacardi Limon."

Oh and I'll have you know that while I was startled, I did not put down the laptop. I mean nothing was moving on the bookcases or mantle.

Glad to hear y'all are all safe and sound. My next trip to NYC we will review earthquake safety. We have drills for that in school in here.

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