Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend: "Barbeque" or "Cookout"?

When I was growing up in Central PA, a weekend party which involved cooking various meats on a grill was/is called it a "cookout". Or sometimes we called it a "picnic" - event when there were no baskets or blankets involved.

Here in the city, many people refer to this kind of soiree as a "barbeque" - even if they aren't serving anything with any kind of barbeque sauce on it. This confuses me.

What do people where YOU'RE from call it??



kayce. said...


but then again, in the south, there's bound to be SOMETHING with bbq sauce on it at said barbecue.

designing wally said...


Anonymous said...

It is a cook out, Barbeque is something you eat at a cook out. You invite your guests over for a cook out, where you might barbeque something on the grill.

Uncy Carl said...

In Missouri (where I was spawned), we distinguished between grilled and BBQ'd. Sauce makes a difference, ya'll.

When I lived in Illinois, all I ever heard was "BBQ" - and rarely any sauce in sight. Barbarians.

Up north in Minnesota, my adopted home for the past 15 years, whether you are BBQing or grilling, it's just grilling. Boring - like typical Minnesota food.

Give me BBQ, bitches!

Joy said...


BBQ is food, not an event.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

"Cookout" is a modern, yankee word. There is no such word in Texan.

In Texas, "Barbeque" is a transitive verb that means: "to cook outdoors over a fire of wood, charcoal, or gas."

When we get together and do it as a group, it is called "a barbeque". Think Sally Cato from Auntie Mame: "Let's have us a Barbeque!"

And there is no food called "barbeque" in Texas. It is called "brisket".

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