Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Fries Today At Burger King

Burger King is rolling out new French Fries today - and they'd like you to try them. All you gotta do is roll into any BK and ask politely, and they'll hand you a free order of French Fries. God Bless America.

However, I won't be participating - because I haven't set foot in a Fast Food restaurant in about 3 weeks. Yes, seeing a Nutritionist seems to be working - and I've even lost a few pounds.

So no free fries for me - but feel free to indulge on my behalf.



designing wally said...

Wow, three weeks with no fast food, that's great! I'm having a hard time working at this restaurant cooking all this country food, I better get a handle on it before it's too late!


Sean said...

Glad to hear you're succeeding with the nutritionist - just be careful he/she doesn't suggest too many supplements, mine got me hospitalized. Now I just eat better (mostly) and the more/longer you have the junk out of your system the easier it is to resist and the worst it starts to taste if you go back.

Keep up to good work!

David Dust said...

Thanks guys!

Sean - my Nutritionist is all about getting my vitamins/minerals from healthy foods. In fact, she's only recommended one supplement - Vitamin D - when my latest labs said I had a deficiency.


Lisa Klow said...

I tried some last week. Ehhhh. I should have just gotten a burger. Actually, I shouldn't have gotten anything, if you know what I mean.

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