Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Exciting Tuesday Night

I went to the gym last night – for the first time since Friday. I was SUPPOSED to go on Monday night, but instead I went to Quiznos, then Dunkin Donuts, then home to cry. Like Richard Dawson used to say on Family Feud: “…Show me…………CRAZY!”.

Anyway, my "You a Yankees Fan?" Papi was there – he sat on one of the bikes directly beside me, but didn’t speak (he was watching sports, natch). Now I am pretty positive this guy is as straight as an arrow, but that only makes him hotter. I proceeded to move to a StairMaster BEHIND him, where I experienced 20 minutes of precious views of his backside. Oh.My.God. And I detected the faintest hint of “salt” in his pepper-colored hair. Daddy!!! I am sure we would be extremely happy together.

Then I went home and watched the television show “Jail”. Those of you who know me realize my weakness for certain individuals who happen to find themselves incarcerated. I TOTALLY fell for “Orlando” from Patterson, NJ who was finally being released after “maxing out” his 12-year sentence for armed robbery. Isn’t it pitiful – I know what that means?!?! Papi had gotten his G.E.D. and various trade certificates while in prison, and was ready to seek employment. Good luck cutie!

Jail is another show from the creators of Cops – one of my all-time favorites. In addition to Orlando, it featured a bunch of hilariously drunken idiots acting like fools. Highly entertaining television – I’ll have to keep my eye out for this show again.

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