Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Never-Ending Battle...

As I mentioned yesterday, I have had an ongoing and never-ending struggle with my weight. Some people deal with weight fluctuations of 10-15 pounds – I deal with 90 pounds. Yes, you read correctly, 90 pounds.

Back in 2002 I decided I had had enough of being fat for a few different reasons. First of all, my doctor gave me DRAMA for how big I was. At one appointment he wanted to run a bunch of heart tests, but couldn’t since I had pigged out at McDonald's before I arrived (something about an empty stomach…blah blah blah). Plus, I wanted to be more attractive for the straight man I was interested in at the time – even though he was incarcerated (THAT’S a whole other story).

So, because I HATE doctors, and LOVE straight convicts – I lost 90 pounds. Hey – whatever works, right?!? I never went back to my doctor, and I ended up getting together with the guy for a while (again, THAT story in another post). I lost the weight by doing the Atkins diet (which is really the only one that works for me) and exercising.

Slowly the 90 pounds came creeping back, which I ignored for the longest time. Finally, this April I made a half-assed commitment to get back on track. I would go weeks at a time with NO exercise and pigging out on fast food, but then I would buckle down. In the five months between April and this past September, I had lost a grand total of only 14 pounds.

Exactly one month ago today (September 10th) I decided to get serious again. And in one month I’ve lost 18 pounds! I’ve tried to stick to the diet (although I’ve had Chinese delivery cheating episodes) and I’ve been going to the gym a lot more often – usually doing 40-60 minutes of aerobics (bike, Stairmaster, etc.). I also haven’t had a drink in over a month. Although I feel like I should be living in a monastery, it does feel good to slowly move toward my goal.

Only 58 pounds to go…

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