Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Vera and Guy!

Let's all wish a very happy birthday to two of the most important people in my life - my "bestest girlfriend" Vera (known to most as Carl), and my roommate Guy. Yes, the Libra birthdays just keep coming.

Below are a couple of pictures of the birthday girls. Don't they look so young and fresh?! Vera is on the left, with Guy on the right.

These pictures were taken a few years ago in our old apartment. Vera was visiting from Pennsylvania to attend the Puerto Rican Day Parade - or as I like to call it - "Papis on Parade". I'm telling you, they should make that Sunday a national holiday. You CANNOT IMAGINE the gorgeousness on display.

Here is last week's birthday girl Toni with both Vera and Guy. Toni has a way of getting herself photographed.

And finally, here is a picture of Vera making love to the Coach store - trying to get a free bag...

I have known Vera since High School, when he was a well-dressed varsity swimmer. In fact, he was voted "Best Dressed" of his high school class. And he still has all his old fierce outfits in a closet somewhere!

Guy has lived with me for years and years (poor thing). At least he doesn't have to wash all my dirty dishes now - our new apartment came complete with a dishwasher (which I love!).

Today is also Kelly Ripa's (from Live with Regis and Kelly) birthday, so they are in good company......another friggin Libra!

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