Monday, October 1, 2007

Featured Model - Evan Wadle

Today is White Meat Monday - and today's Daddy of the Day is model Evan Wadle. I first saw a picture of him on the great blog Dwight Supremacy.

A note regarding Dwight Supremacy: he also has a feature on his blog called "Daddy of the Day". I want everyone to know that I did NOT copy this from him. I literally found out AFTER I had done my first Daddy of the Day post, when I did a Google Blog Search to see if it would come up. It was then that I found out Dwight had been featuring Daddies for a long time. Sorry Dwight - but I can't stop now......!

Today's Daddy Evan is currently a model with Silver Models, and works as a trainer at Equinox in Manhattan.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

DAMN!! i wouldnt mind having his DNA mix with mine! how BEAUTIFUL is this man!!! i hope to God he is gay.. or at least BI! lol!

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