Monday, October 8, 2007

Daddy Of The Day - Johnny Damon

On Saturday I featured what I thought would be my last New York Yankee as Daddy of the Day. I thought they were doomed. Well, thankfully I was wrong – they live to fight another day, thanks to our Daddy of the Day, Johnny Damon (see front page, below).

And since today is White Meat Monday I'm taking this opportunity to feature one more New York Yankee while they’re still in the playoffs. Could we have another Yankee Daddy tomorrow? (I’m DYING to feature hunky Bobby Abreu!). Who knows….

Johnny is 33 years old. He has 3 kids, to 2 Baby Mamas (both of whom he married, unlike some).

And here he is during his “Mountain Man” phase while playing for the hated Boston Red Sox. It kinda works for him…

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