Wednesday, April 30, 2008

C.S.I. Actor Busted

This is Gary Dourdan, C.S.I. Actor:

This is Gary Dourdan on drugs:

Mr. Dourdan was busted early Monday morning when police found him passed out in his car. He allegedly had cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy on him. Read the story here.


Beth said...

he's hot...I'd still do him.drugs or not!!! Drug whore!!!!

David Dust said...

Honey, the drugs would just be an added bonus!

Tranny Drug Whore!!!


Mark in DE said...

Folks - have we learned NOTHING from singer George Michael? Do not, I repeat, do NOT decide to take a nap in your car after doing a bunch of drugs!

Mark :-)

David Dust said...

Yeah - he should have done more of the coke and ex ... it might have kept him awake long enough to make it home!

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