Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daddy Of The Day - Miguel Cotto

Miguel Angel Cotto is a Puerto Rican boxer - and the current WBA Welterweight Champion. His latest win came last night against Alfonso Gomez (below, right), who I remember fondly from the old boxing reality show, The Contender. Now THERE was a show - half naked Papis beating the shit out of each other...pure heaven!


Beth said... aint kidding!! I LOVE's one of my very favorite sports. I used to be in love with Boom Boom Mancini..years ago when he was hot. Now...meh, not so much.

The Contender is an awesome show...I knew you loved me put this up just for me!!!

did you have a good weekend?

Margo said...

So, so sad at the outcome of the fight. I adored Alfonso on The Contender and was really hoping that he would beat Cotto. Cotto is just really tough. Looking forward to him fighting Margarito.

David Dust said...

Beth and Margo - I'm not really a big boxing fan, I just like looking at some of the Papis. I'm surprised, actually - I didn't think any Dust Bunnies would have ANY idea who these guys were. You all never cease to amaze me!

Regarding Alfonso - he was REALLY adorable on the Contender. Definitely not the hottest guy on the show - but not cocky (like most of those guys), and not pretentious. Just a solid boxer and nice guy. I'm glad to see he is still boxing.

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