Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Pizza Delivery Can Save Your Life

An 82-year-old Memphis woman who ordered pepperoni pizza every day from Dominos is alive today because of it. From Gawker:
Jean Wilson, an elderly woman living alone, hadn't called Domino's for her daily delivery in three days, which was highly unusual. Upon coming in to work and hearing that Wilson hadn't been heard from, a deliverywoman named Susan Guy (below) drove over to Wilson's house and discovered that the loyal customer had fallen in her home days prior and had been unable to get up or reach a phone. Guy called an ambulance and Wilson was saved.

Come to think of it - even though I live too far away to eat there regularly, I think the CEO of Arby's (or at least that Oven Mitt thingy) should call me every once in a while, just to check in. Don't you agree??


behrmark said...

That oven mitt thingy is called a Mascot. ;)

Big Mark 243 said...

I did not really think about Arby's until I began to read your blog... so they are into you for at least my business, for what that is worth!

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