Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dusty The Cat Burglar

No, not my darling Dusty - some other cat named Dusty who's a well-known thief in his neighborhood. Happy Caturday!


Sam said...

Damn that ho needs a reality show. All I got to say, let that pussy try to drag my big ass swimming thong home that will be a two part made for TV miniseries.

MT said...


wish u would leave me some love & COMMENT sometime soon.

thanx 4 ur support.
closing in on 5,000 hits in 2 months.

love ur blog remember u inspired me.


froggy said...

Girlfriend also has klepto cat. She keeps his stash in the garage where neighbors can retrieve their stuff.

Lee said...

I saw this video somewhere else and watched it a couple of times. Cats are teh awesome!

Joy said...

Oh my! So funny! A real cat burglar!

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