Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Night

Sleep tight.



MT said...

hi dd
i have big love 4 ur blogog

i copied all ur blog list links yesterday

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery baby

i noticed that u don't include one of my other biggest supporters ... yummyoftheday.blogspot.com

mac is great... he came on board later but his referrals have outstripped urs

i added all his blogs and my goal is to get more today

i could really use some help
i know u helped me out by welcoming dust bunny
mt to the dust fold.

i was wondering if u would consider posting my drive by cars post which gives info for my new blogs

if u look it up u can copy it all

o bythe way
if u ever want to post pix of me in a bathing suit
i'm all for that

peace mt


This dude in undeniably hot - gorgeous even...
There was something about his face that seemed incongrous to his body - at least in this photo - so I looked at his MM page. He has the face of a teenager, but the body of a man. I hope his face catches up with his body soon, or else I may go to jail for my thoughts...
Wait - he's 23 - nevermind...LOL! ;)

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