Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Shows Us How It's Done

Have ya'll been following the events in Wisconsin? If you haven't - here's a crash course:
  • Conservatard Scott Walker is elected Governor of Wisconsin in November with widespread support from those freaks with teabags dangling from their hats.
  • Shortly after taking office, Walker signs two business/corporate tax breaks. This turned an estimated $120 million state budget surplus into a deficit.
  • In order to pay for this gift to corporations, Gov. Walker (below) decided to go after the middle class - specifically teachers, firefighter, nurses and other state workers. He proposed a bill that would require higher pension and health insurance contributions and removal of collective bargaining rights for the unions representing these middle-class workers.

In other words - give to the rich, take away from the middle class. Typical Republican strategy.

I guess Governor Walker thought this would be easy. After all, it seems that only the Teatards are willing to actually get loud and get involved in politics these days. He figured these hard-working middle-class Wisconsinites would just roll over and take it.

But that certainly hasn't happened. Middle class workers started protesting - taking to THEIR state capital to let Republicans know that it's not acceptable to blame the middle class for a budget shortfall created by a Republican gift to corporations. And, for the first time in a long time, DEMOCRATS used their outside voices to shout down these idiots.

And as the protests have continued, the protestors have gained support from far and wide - including the Archbishop of Milwaukee, President Obama, and the friggin' Green Bay Packers (who, if you didn't know, are fairly popular in Wisconsin).

Then, in a brilliant maneuver, the 14 Democratic State Senators got the hell outta Dodge - literally. It seems that Wisconsin requires at least one member of the opposition party be present in order to debate/pass bills - but if all members are gone, the bill cannot pass. Furthermore, the rules say that the Seargent-at-Arms can compel the lawmakers to appear, using state law enforcement if necessary. However, state police can't cross state lines - and the "Wisconsin 14" are kicking it outside Wisconsin right now. BURN!

Dear Wisconsin: you are showing the rest of the nation how it's done. NO LONGER should we allow Republicans to pay for gifts to their corporate overlords by taking away from the middle class. Keep up the good work.

Let's hope the rest of the country watches and learns.



Bob said...


Now, if it would only catch on.

Lee said...

This has been awesome to watch. I hope that as the GOP continues to overreach, this type of opposition lights up around the country.

Mark, née Fuzz said...

We can hope this spreads to Michigan where our newly elected Republican governor proposes a 1.8 billion dollar tax break for business. How does he propose to offset this? In large part by new taxes on retiree pensions. Sonofabitch!

Mechadude2001 said...

I saw that on the NPR website today, and I was pleased as punch! God, this is the first time in a long time that Repugnants have been caught red handed, But not let off the hook! Rise up, People.

Dan said...

I have a bunch of friends headed to Madison to take on the Teabaggers tomorrow!

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