Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bad Bunny!

Dear CSI Idaho Falls -

Just because William Falkingham wears a bunny suit in public, it doesn't mean that he's a DustBunny. Besides, Willie also enjoys slipping into his cowboy outfit and/or ballerina dress - so why don't you bother the guys at the rodeo (and/or Baryshnikov) to find out if he's with THEM

I'm sorry that Mr. Falkingham is frightening the children of Idaho Falls, but you might want to tell the kids in your town to grow a pair. I'm sure the whole "Hiding behind a tree, peeking at a young boy and pointing his finger like a gun” thing was all in the kid's mind. You know how children can be - SO SENSITIVE.




1 comment:

froggy said...

Holy Bunny Pellets!
(The Engineer and Froggy first started out in that town. Nuclear research industry down there.)

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