Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michael Kors Is A Bride!

Michael Kors - Top Snark on Project Runway - married his longtime partner, Lance LePere this week on the beach in the Hamptons.

Then - after getting sloshed at the reception - Lady Kor(ange)s proceeded to rate the outfits worn by the wedding guests:
“She looks like a Pole dancer in Dubai” 
“Anna Wintour is giving me an 'Amish Cocktail Waitress' vibe” 
“She reminds me of a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral” 
"Christian Siriano looks like a French maid at a funeral." 
"Is that Heidi? Or is that a short, shiny and tight Paper Brioche?" 
"Tim reminds me of the Pope at a sex club"

Congratulations, you darling judgmental Beeyotch...

REMINDER: Don't forget to watch Project Runway tonight - and look for my recap sometime tomorrow afternoon



froggy said...

I bet he didn't DARE make any comments about The Mother of the Bride!!

Craig said...

I saw Michael Kor(ange)s on some other show just last week and he was more orange than ever.

How can he possibly think it looks natural or healthy?

I do wonder though, if perhaps he is covering up jaundice or something and that's the only way he can not look all yellow instead...

Joy said...

Maybe someone should tell him they thought he was Orange Boner. That might get him to tone it down!

Happy marriage wishes for them!

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