Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nation's Bravest - Firefighters Unite Calendar

DustBunny Chubbear426 sends word of a hunky new firefighters calendar! From HIS BLOG:
Nation’s Bravest: Firefighters Unite is the first ever national firefighter calendar - debuting in NYC on August 18, 2011. This calendar boasts a dozen brave firefighters from all across the country, each chosen on merits of physical aptitude, work ethic and extracurricular activities. And let’s not forget their sparkling personalities! Nation’s Bravest: Firefighters Unite benefits twelve separate charities from the following cities: Charlotte, Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle and Tampa.

I, of course, am partial to Mr. New York - Philip Sylvester (above and below). Hubba hubba!!

For more information - or to purchase tickets for tomorrow night's event here in NYC, visit the Nation's Bravest website HERE.

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