Friday, September 16, 2011

In This Case, I Support The Death Penalty

Do they still allow 'Death by Stoning'???...
JOHNSON CITY, TN - Two women from Erwin (TN) were charged Tuesday with stealing $1,200 worth of art work from a Johnson City Arby’s restaurant. 
According to Johnson City police, Connie L. Sumlin, 45, and Gail Trula Johnson, 58, were accused of stealing art from the lobby area of Arby’s on Sept. 3. 
On Sept. 7, police said an Arby’s manager notified police that two women, who were later identified as Sumlin and Johnson, were caught on the store’s surveillance camera stealing both a picture of pears in a wooden frame and a piece of metal wall art that had recently been purchased during remodeling of the restaurant. Full Story: Johnson City Press

A few thoughts:
  • I TOLD YOU Arby's was a fancy restaurant! $1200 for only TWO pieces of artwork?!? FANCY!!!
  • I'm no CSI, but the PoPo needs to swing by the Johnson City Walgreens to check for any recent PEROXIDE heists. It certainly looks like a possibility.
  • I am available to testify at the trial, if necessary. However, my emotional testimony would probably consists of nothing but frantic screams of "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!". Unless, of course, the Arby's people bring lunch - in which case my muffled cries will sound more like "MOPPP WERRTTHHHRRR HEAAZZZ"!!!!
  • That "piece of metal wall art' better not have been the Great Service Bell! If so, these two heifers should get the death penalty and THEN get waterboarded.

Thanks to my dear Sis - Tugboat - for letting me know about this heinous crime!!



froggy said...

Indeed. What is the world coming to??!

Sam said...

Travesty. It left me speechless

Joy said...

That one is 58? She looks older than my mother who is 91! The expression "rode hard and put up wet" comes to mind.

Joy said...

I thought it was a before and after shot of the same woman. That other one can see her future self and is on her way!

Joy said...

Yes, I'm shallow and judgmental. Why do you ask?

(can you combine all three of these on one comment except this parenthetical part?)

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