Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mama Bunny's Water Garden

It was very sunny on Thanksgiving Day, so I went out in Mama Bunny's back yard and took pictures of her pride and joy - the Water Garden. Mama Bunny and StepDaddy have a natural hill in their backyard, so they hired someone with a backhoe to dig a big hole. They landscaped around the hole , sealed it up, put in a recirculating water pump, filled it with water and fish - and Voila, they had a water garden. They have had it for years now, and the sounds of the water falling into the pond is extremely relaxing.

By the way, someone commented on my mother's lack of anything green on her Thanksgiving table (see post HERE). This is very true - but it is a family tradition. One Thanksgiving, my mother asked my younger brother what his favorite green vegetable was - and told him she would cook whatever he wanted. My brother's answer: "CORN".

Hence no green vegetable on our table, but ALWAYS corn.


Renee said...

I love Mama Bunny's water garden.
LMAO corn!

Kailyn said...

Purty. My mom's backyard has a natural hill and I've always felt it needed some sort of water feature. Of course the neighborhood cats, possums and raccoons would probably eat all the fish. Or maybe even the hawks.

the dogs' mother said...

Okay, benediction from the Frogponder. Very purty. :-)

Kailyn, there are ways to prevent raccoons from taste testing all the fish.
An underwater grid is the easiest and prettiest (also a good safety feature if little people are around or you don't have a fenced backyard).
Cats aren't much of a bother, possums we haven't heard of, hawks very rarely. (We is the usenet group rec.ponds.moderated which I am a long time member and moderator.)

Anybody want to build a pond I'm your ponder and what I don't know my cohorts do. The world needs more ponds. We need to turn that fountain at the White House into a pond... (okay we can go overboard).

Joie Mayfield said...

Absolutely beautiful! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! You caught me in the middle of a redesign.

Joy said...

Lovely! Interesting, FP, and good to know.

Love you! Love your corn story!


Anonymous said...

green veggies are overrated. corn is good. mama bunny's water garden is lovely.
btw...we have water features in Houston, they are called floods!

Jimbo said...

Corn is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. Plus, when it's in it's whole form, it's wrapped in a husk which is green! :)

I love the water garden...gorgeous!

Mistress Maddie said...

Sorry to missed seeing each other Mamie.Next time for sure. What a beautiful garden she has. Very house and garden!

Angel said...

i love Mama's water garden relaxing to sit and listen to the water.

Mama Bunny's got it goin on!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. I've always loved water gardens and landscaped ponds. I'll never have one, because I'm scared it will attract frogs and I am deathly afraid of frogs. But I'll live vicariously through Mama Bunny.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, that is quite a lovely pond/waterfall/garden!

Mark :-)

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