Monday, November 10, 2008

Manic Monday Weigh-In

I had a HORRIBLE week when it comes to diet/exercise - and I didn't lose any weight. So I stand at 14 pounds lost (in 3 1/2 weeks). This seems like such a small amount of weight for such a long amount of time - when I was doing Atkins I could lose 14 pounds in one week, easily.

On Tuesday (Election Day) I stress-ate all day. On Tuesday night I drank like a fish to celebrate. On Wednesday I hangover ate (McDonald's TWICE - as well as the Chef at my restaurant making me Chicken Salad sandwiches). On Friday I binge ate everything in site, and ordered a cheeseburger and fries at 2:00 am. And last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up and ate the sandwich that I had prepared for today's lunch.

To make matters even worse, my ankles have been KILLING ME - preventing me from walking (you would hurt too if you had to support this lardass). And the icing on the cake was an ingrown toenail that made walking even more painful than it normally is. Therefore, I did not exercise at all this week.

All things considered, I guess I should be happy that I didn't GAIN any weight. I am very frustrated and depressed right now - I don't have my part-time job, and my full-time job is much less lucrative. My roommate is out of work, and I'm not sure how he plans on continuing to pay the rent. I have been hit surprisingly hard by the Prop 8 loss in California - how is it that MY rights are allowed to be put up to a popular vote - and others are not? All of these things make me want to stuff my face and cry - which is pretty much what I've been doing.

I will try and get myself together and weigh in again on Friday.

UPDATE: I just entered my weight onto my WW page, and it turns out I DID gain a pound. Just fucking shoot me...


the dogs' mother said...

Okay. We all have these moments, we pull in, we lick our wounds and we recover. You will too.
And you still lost 14 pounds and you didn't gain! And we have a new President and there is a new social awareness, voices are being heard, lawsuits filed and things will get better. As mine brother said, 'gay marriage is the civil rights battle of our time'. :-))

Unknown said...

I think a lot of us had a strange week. Probably the let down after the high of the election. We all got so hyped. I haven't heard from any of my regular friends in a week, and people are not responding to my emails. during those times, I just hunker down and realize this too shall pass.In no time at all I will be complaining that there are too many people in my life.
If you're just maintaining, you are still doing great. Give yourself credit ol' boy. You're still on top of the game.

Dagny said...

It will get better. And for those of y'all out there who are parents, you might want to go check out Seems like a pretty cool organization. (Just so you know that you're not alone, David.)

Dan said...

David - It was a tough week for us all. WW tells you that there will be tough weeks. You realize that and you know what you can and cant do. All things will settle down and you will be back on the road to your goal weight.


you know I love you no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Oof. Those weigh-ins after the binges are the worst. Focus on the fact that you didn't gain. That's wonderful! This is a new week and you can get right back to it.

I'm starting today, so I'm counting on you to keep me inspired!

Romance said...

Ah Bunny... it will get better and you are down a HUGE amount of weight. Its a frustrating journey- I am definitely a down-up-down kind of weight loss gal.

You have to look at trends over time- and yours, is brilliant. You are down, down, down overall. And if you really overate and didn't exercise- you did really well this week weight wise.

I am actually feeling like there is a huge amount happening around Prop H8- and I am also sure that our side is gonna prevail and gay marriage and the rest of gay rights will be in place very, very soon.


Marker said...

David! 14 lbs in 3.5 weeks is excellent. I've lost about 1.4 ounces in that much time - you are doing great.

I totally hear you - food and drink are always there for you, even if they don't have your best interests at heart. They're satisfaction guaranteed. I ordered $26 worth of pizza, meatball sandwich, and fries last night at 1AM from Chicago Pizza, who deliver until 5AM (curse them). Oh, a salad came with the sandwich but it was full of onions so I threw it out (but kept the ranch dressing . . . it's good with fries and with pizza!)

We'll get there!


Joy said...

Quit being so hard on yourself. You had a bad week and can get back on the wagon again. Maybe you can get that stomach virus I had, but I don't recommend it. You've lost 14 lbs and will make it.

As for gay rights, it will happen. This is another freedom to fight for and win.

Angel said...

NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!! you're STILL doing hear me Tranny? Dn't give up now!!! and 14 pounds a WEEK on Atkins??? day-um....but who can do Atkins????not me honey. shoot, I can't even do WW!!!!

Unknown said...

I'd shoot you, but you seem to be doing some a great job beating up on yourself, it seems like a bit of overkill, my dear.

So it seems like it is time to get back to the diet, back to walking, and back to remembering a bunch of us care about you, no matter how much you lose or gain.

Be good to yourself, dude, cause we like having you around.

Papagayo said...

dude, chill out. you're going to make progress like the rest of us, and like our country... one step forward, one step back. you're making progress and you can't be too hard on yourself; that's not allowed. chin up and keep on going!

Unknown said...

Keep your eye on the prize. This isn't a race, it's a marathon. And this past week was an experiment/experience to help you in the long run. Next time when the decision comes "work out- to or to not"- you'll remember your anguish, you'll remember your mission, and you'll go get your sweat on.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

You're still the bomb, DD! Do it like Valerie Bertenelli: "One Day at a Time!" (Groan! Moan! Barf!)

Marker said...

David, btw please notice how worked up you've gotten everyone . . . 13 comments and nobody said one word about the guy on the scale!!


David Dust said...

Marker -

That's former Daddy of the Day, Eduardo Correa. CLICK HERE to take a peek.


Renee said...

Awww David. I did fine until Friday, and then came Saturday lol! I lost half a pound but was hoping for more. Oh well, I didn't gain any weight.

You'll do better next week. I know you will. *hugs*

Marker said...

OMFG - he's Daddy of the 4-evah

Unknown said...

i just bought ice cream for the first time in years. i had stopped buying ice cream cause it was just so easy to sit in front of the idiot box (aka tv) and finish a whole pint in no time. my favorite flavor: haagen dasz's vanilla swiss almond. i only had about a third, but i broke a promise i made that i would not buy ice cream ever again. oh well, it happens. overall my diet is good, lots of fish, vegies, some meat, but my downfall is all those carbs: danishes/sticky buns/pastries i have every morning with coffee and potato chips when i'm bored. must be the lack of sex... haven't had any in 10 days!!!!

Mark in DE said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Its been a very stresful week and you fell off the wagon. The important thing is not to feel defeated and to get back on track.

I'm pulling for you!

Mark :-)

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