Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NYC Prop 8 Protest TONIGHT

We have HAD IT with the H8! Demonstrate with us tonight at the Mormon Temple - 125 Columbus Avenue (at 65th Street) against the Mormon "Church's" role in Proposition H8's passage at 6:30 pm. Take the 1 Train to 66th Street - Lincoln Center and follow the crowds. Bring signs, candles, and your fabulous selves.

If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, or one of our straight allies and you don't live in NYC, find out about protests/demonstrations/actions in YOUR area by clicking HERE for JoinTheImpact.Com.

I hope to have a full report for you all by this evening. I have to say - I am extremely excited. I have never protested anything in my life.


Thanks to Kayce for the JoinTheImpact link, and thanks to Empress Dagny for the fabulous picture!


kayce. said...

YEY!!! i can't wait to see how it turns out... i am sure turnout will be off the charts. its a good thing that bravo replays their flagship shows back-to-back, b/c i highly doubt that you'll miss it, even if you don't see it right @ 10p. also, if i find it on youtube, i will send you the link if you need it... PROTESTING is so much more important!!!

the dogs' mother said...

Will watch for you on the news! And anxiously awaiting a report.

JenM said...

I will be there is spirit. I really miss NYC!

Keep us posted about all the DRAMA!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to this, and Your Top Chef with glee. I'm having another operation Friday and this one should make it possible for me to return to my treadmill and exercises. Be joining you soon. Wish I had enough money to hire someone to walk for me.

Angel said...

Be careful Tranny. I love you.

Joy said...

Please be careful!

Love you! Love your activism!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Do be careful! And be NICE for heaven's sake! Be firm, be active, but be nice! Let people say "Look at that nice gay boy on the news" not "look at this queen on the news bashing some mormon's head in!"
The previous will play better in Peoria!

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