Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prop 8 Protest: NYC

What a lovely day for Equality! Yesterday there was a 93% chance of rain for the Prop 8 Protest at City Hall in lower Manhattan, and it was pouring out of the heavens as I got ready for my trip downtown.

But sure enough, at 1:30 pm when the protest was due to begin, the sky cleared and the sun came out. It was also pretty warm - mid 60's - so I didn't even wear a jacket. And to make matters even better, I wore a t-shirt that I've NEVER been able to fit into until now! Thank you Weight Watchers!!

Event organizers set up a stage for people to speak, and loudspeakers were set up so you could hear no matter where you were. I must admit, I still have no idea where the stage actually was, but I heard our out lesbian City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, tons of other NYC politicians (gay and straight), and a former America's Next Top Model (don't ask me who, I refuse to watch any show that features Tyra Banks).

I have seen estimates of the crowd being anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000 people. I would say it was definitely at the higher end of that estimate. The crowd was orderly, and the signs were distinctly less Mormon-centered, and more Equality-centered. Which is probably a step in the right direction if we want this to be a national movement.

As always, some of the signs were funny...

And my absolute favorite:

"What do I want? A HUSBAND. When do I want him? NOW!! I hear ya, sister!!

The double-decker tour buses come right down Broadway, which was lined with protesters. Every time these buses (filled with people from Peoria to Prague) would pass the protest, we would holler and yell until they waved. We got a lot of "thumbs up" from the tourists, but then again "thumbs up" can mean "fuck you" depending on where you're from :) Actually, the tourists ALL took pictures like maniacs when they passed us. We'll end up being part of their NYC Trip photo album, along with the Statue of Liberty and the Naked Cowboy in Times Square!

And last but not least, you KNOW I had to bring you some hotness. Oh Em Gee - I ended up standing beside this MAMMOTH man/boy - he was about 6'3", mid-twenties, muscles, and friendly. I tried to scam a pic without telling him, but he wouldn't turn around all the way. I finally tapped Daddy on the shoulder and asked "can I get a picture of you with your sign?".

As he posed for this pic, he good-naturedly smirked and said "you really like my SIGN, huh?!?". I was SO busted, but he was so hot I didn't care. Thanks for being so adorable, Daddy!!!

Thank you ALL so much for sending in your pics to me. Look for my "Dust Bunny Rally Roundup" post tomorrow. Also, if you haven't sent me anything yet, but would like to, please email me:


Angel said...

he is SO straight Tranny.....sooooo straight! ;)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Bethy, honey, if that boy is straight I will eat my falsies- without kethup!

David Dust said...

He was adorable, nice, and G-A-Y.

Marker said...

LOL @ ginger!

Whew - what a hunka!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time in NYC, and can't wait to see pictures of the celebrations across the Bunny Nation. And your man/boy is adorable.

kayce. said...

oh god damn he is HOOOOTTTT!!! i am jealous you got to stand next to him for so long...!

the dogs' mother said...!
le sigh.

Anonymous said...

David, why don't you like Tyra Banks?

David Dust said...

Gaysean -

I just don't. I really have no idea why - she just annoys the shit outta me.

Wonder Man said...

he is cute...I would "tap" his shoulder too

Mark in DE said...

Its great that the weather cleared up for you, too!

Nice try being coy for the photo of Mammoth Man.

Mark :-)

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