Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT&T To Purchase T-Mobile

AT&T Inc struck a $39 billion cash-and-stock transaction to buy Deutsche Telekom AG's T-Mobile USA, creating a new industry leader, that would overtake Verizon Wireless in customer numbers. 

The deal, announced Sunday, will give AT&T, the No. 2 U.S. mobile service much needed spectrum, or wireless airwaves, to deliver surges in video, games and entertainment to devices such as Apple Inc's iPhone and iPad tablet computers.

I've been with T-Mobile for 13 years (!) and have generally been happy with their service - including THE SERVICE I RECEIVED JUST A FEW HOURS AGO. All I hear about AT&T is how badly they suck. Oy.



Kailyn said...

I have been with AT&T since the mid-90s. Well actually I was with Cellular One and AT&T acquired them a few years later. Overall I've been happy with them -- mostly because here in the Bay Area I can get service in areas in which other providers have none. These spots may not matter to others but they are roads I frequently travel.

froggy said...

So far we're also happy with ATT out here in the west. Glad your phone was covered.
I posted my out west grocery prices like a good dust bunny. The Engineer was given half the list to complete.

Joy said...

I used to have Cellular (AT&T) but switched to Verizon because I get better coverage. I couldn't use my cell phone in the house with AT&T, so I had to change. I'm happy with Verizon and also for you with your new possibilities. Love you! Love your contacts!! xoxoxoxxo

kayce. said...


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