Monday, March 28, 2011

The Great White North(ern Menace)???

Coincidence, or sinister plot?? You decide:

Actually, living under Canadian rule sounds pretty sweet (gay marriage, government healthcare, weed) - besides, have you ever seen French-Canadian men??? Ils sont si beaux! And my Canadian DustBunnies are some of the most fabulous Bunnies in the world.


... I'm wondering if this is some complicated scheme to force those Canadian Milk Bags upon an unsuspecting United States of America.




froggy said...

Shhhhhhh! I'm deep undercover!

Robert-Kent said...

Weze coming for you, oh yeah sorry aboot that ;-)

pearpenguin said...

Well I did have my own personal "disco phase" even if the rest of the country didn't. My mother finally caved in one day and bought me Cher's disco album Take Me Home with her wearing a gold headpiece with matching bikini on the cover. J'adore.

Mechadude2001 said...

OMG, a French Canadian man was a regular at retail store I worked at years ago... and i had a crush on him something SERIOUS.
He was thick, muscled, and had a bubble butt!

JiEL said...

As a CANADIAN myself and MORE a FRENCH CANADIAN from MONTREAL, I am pleased with this funny post here.
Many Americans come here to «have fun» and an American good friend of mine even bought a condo in Québec city many years ago.
From Delaware, he just love our «winter» ski.
Our open mind and Gay Pride in Montréal made us one of the nicest destination to gay men.

Not to mention our VERRRRRY SEXY NUDE DANCERS.... I know personally many as Tristan Bull, Dominic Valentine(Colt), Alexy Tyler etc..


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