Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tonight's The Big Night

"At 1:30 AM my roommate calls and instructs me to be at Roseland Ballroom in 15 minutes. I suit up, wearing just my new harness, jeans, and a coat, and take a few shots of JD for the road. There is no line when I arrive and we head to the downstairs coat check, which is rebranded "œclothes check" and is a massive operation. I scan the crowd, already seeing several people I know."

"My First Black Party" (Gawker - 3/30/08)
Jory Stiefel

"In the center of the venue is the dance floor, which is insanely crowded and we don't even dare going inside. There is an odd paradox watching these tough-looking, muscular men in leather gear dancing to club music and remixed pop songs."

"Back upstairs, we head into a large tent set up in a corner, where I trip over someone and realize a third of the people in this tent are on their knees."

"I leave Roseland completely sober and enter the daylight. And even though it is 8:30 AM now, the party behind me is still raging and — somehow — I feel like I'm leaving early.

"My First Black Party" (Gawker - 3/30/08)
Jory Stiefel


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Mechadude2001 said...

I need to get in shape so I can attend one of those, and be taken home by somebody like the men in these pics.

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