Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Carpet Cutie - Victor Rasuk

I literally gasped at my desk after seeing this picture (above) over at Tom & Lorenzo's blog. This gentleman is 27-year-old Victor Rasuk, the Harlem-born Dominican actor/cutie I fell in love with after seeing Raising Victor Vargas back in 2002. Yes, he was only 18 years-old at the time ... but if loving Victor Vargas Rasuk is wrong, I don't want to be right:

Rasuk was attending the NYC premiere of the HBO's Mildred Pierce remake - so I checked to see he makes an appearance in the miniseries, but no such luck. However, Rasuk DOES co-star in How To Make It In America (also on HBO) - a show that will be stalked as soon as I get home, thankyouverymuch.


Wonder Man said...

Watch 'It's Hot in Cracktown'. He's nude

Aaron Douglas said...

He was good in Life is Hot in Cracktown and excellent in a little indy film called "Adrift in Manhattan" in which he has a sex scene that includes a quick naked bootie shot.

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