Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need A Slogan?

File this under "Things That Make Me Giggle":

I came up with the name of this blog with the help of a similar site - although it was a "Band Name Generator". I simply typed in the word "David", and the rest is history.

Make your own slogan HERE - and feel free to share what you came up with in the Comments.


Bob said...

My first one came up: Whatever you do, it's Bob.
Now I need a thousand t-shirts and a silkscreen press and I'll be rich!

Mechadude2001 said...

It must be MechaDude.

Kevin said...

Strength, safety, style, The Lisp.


There is no life without The Lisp.


designing wally said...

I did three, in order:

Famed for Wally

A Wally for every need

Sleep under Wally for the rest of your life

Sean said...

I bet he tastes like Arby's.

theminx said...

Why be irritated? It's theminx.

froggy said...

Froggy - 1% pure.

(wth is the other 99%? - evil - I've been converted to The Dark Side by Abby!)

Amber LeMay said...

"Quickest Way To Amber Lemay"
"It's wonderful, it's Amber Lemay."
"Veni vidi Amber Lemay."

Sassy said...

LMAO. I got:

The art of Sassy Lane.
Whatever you do, it's Sassy Lane.
The Queen of Sassy Lane.

Froggy, of course you have been converted to the dark side. We have cookies. ;)

Mark, née Fuzz said...

"Mark is your secret." I ask, secret what?

Or "Quickest way to Mark." But Sloganmaker doesn't tell you what that is.

Or "Mark is easy." Bingo! We have a winner!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

Follow the arrow and you follow mrs. miss alaineus.

Everything for mrs. miss alaineus.

mrs. miss alaineus is a legend.

a biatch better recognize that trifecta!

i love you for posting this- i needed a lift today!


Psychomom said...

'psychomom for pleasure and energy.'

'Be young, have fun, taste psychomom.'

'Don't play with fire, but play with psychomom.'

Robert, you listening?

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Think. Feel. Miss Ginger Grant.

Be young, have fun. Taste Miss Ginger Grant!

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