Friday, March 25, 2011

Ina Garten - The Heartless Contessa

Ina Garten is apparently too busy planning fancy luncheons for her fancy Hamptons friends to help a sick child. From The Daily What:
Worst Person Ever of the Day: 6-year-old Enzo, who was diagnosed with life-threatening Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the tender age of three, wanted nothing more than to spend an hour or two of the few he might have left cooking with his idol, Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa. (Bed-ridden Enzo often watches the celebrity chef’s Food Network show with his mom by his side.) 
But when the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached Garten to help make Enzo’s dream come true, she turned them down — twice. According to TMZ, a book tour got in the way last year; this year, she simply responded with “a definite no,” blaming “scheduling conflicts.”
I'm not sure how accurate this story is (or isn't), but Ina Garten has always bothered me. Have you ever seen her show? OMG - how insufferably fake and pretentious can one person be?? I just CAN'T with her.

Don't worry Enzo, I hear Ina's Beef Bourguignon isn't that great anyway...

UPDATE: Chefs To The Rescue!

UPDATE #2: Garten WILL Grant Enzo's Wish



froggy said...


Craig said...

I hope this isn't true because I LOVE Ina. She seems like a fun fag hag to have around - always making dinner and brunch for her gay friends' parties.

I will be sad if she is actually this cold in real life. She should be more like the personality I have built for her in my imagination!


David Dust said...

Craig -

I think a lot of people feel like you do, but something about her just bothers me. She seems fake and pretentious.

On the other hand, I absolutely ADORE Martha Stewart - maybe it's just me.


Craig said...

I can understand that sentiment :)

If Martha had a finishing school I would enroll in a heartbeat, as I watched Martha religiously when I was a younger gay.

Martha is not afraid to look all pinched up when a guest throws flour all over her kitchen while demonstrating a bread dough. lol.

David Dust said...

And that's what I LOVE about Martha - what you see is what you get. She is a persnickety bitch, and doesn't pretend otherwise.

Ina, on the other hand, would do that fake laugh/guffaw on-camera, and act like all that flour in her kitchen didn't bother her.

Martha will tell you in a hot second that she's just a Polish-girl-from-Nutley-NJ-done-good. Ina pretends like she's a Vanderbuilt, but she's just Ina Rosenberg, formerly of Brooklyn.

Besides, I'd like to see The Contessa HOLD IT DOWN in prison like my Martha did. Martha Stewart will shank you with a vegetable peeler, and then use your blood to die Easter Eggs. WORK.

I know ... I'm obsessing. I'll stop...


*BURN MY CANDLE* said...


Miss Ginger Grant said...

That's deplorable! Now I'm glad I always hated her! I posting on faceplace to see if I get a rise out of anyone!

mistress maddie said...

I'mwith you tootes! I could never stand her either. They need to send in Martha to kick her ass!!!

Sassy said...

Ha. Martha always terrified me like I was a little kid with a spot and therefore unworthy.
She is SO Stepford. I love her.

mickrussom said...

Ina a pig. I see her as a wicked rich fat rat now. She doesn't run a starred restaurant, she was a nuclear policy expert and she is partly responsible for allowing poorly designed reactors to keep running here and the world over, she is a supported of baby murder/abortions as birth control, and she has no children. She is a fat heartless woman and I now have the confirmation I need, she is a wicked nasty woman.

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