Friday, April 22, 2011

Grossed Out

From The Daily What:
Photo of the Day: A fifth grader attending a sex ed presentation at the Robert Crown Center for Health Education recoils in horror at the sight of in utero photos showing the development stages of a fetus

I'm right there with ya, kid. Nobody wants to see that - especially when they're serving Stewed Tomatoes in the cafeteria that day.



Mark, née Fuzz said...

That's the look on my face from the first time I saw a vagina.

soulbrotha said...

Asian girl in the back looks like she is about to lose her breakfast. lmao!

Beth said...

"Stewed tomatoes." LOL Way to up the gross-out factor, David. Nicely done! XOXO

David Dust said...

Beth - I am STILL traumatized by the Stewed Tomatoes they served in the cafeteria during my school years {{shudders}}


Aonaran56 said...

Doesn't that kid's face look kinda old to be a "fifth-grader"?

Laughing at the look on the blond breeder kid next to him. "Yeah, I'm gonna have all of those I want!"

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