Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell To Oily Taints: "You're Fired!"

"Birther Queen" Oily Taints (which is the name listed on her long-form birth certificate) went on the Lawrence O'Donnell show to peddle her brand of Crazy. Lawrence O'Donnell apparently had more than enough Crazy and didn't want to purchase any more - so he kicked Ms. Taints and her K-Mart wig off the air. Watch:


froggy said...

They showed some of that on Morning Joe this morning. Kind of surprised he would even give her the legitimacy to be on the show. He knew what she would say, and if he had invited her, she should have been allowed to say it. He knew what she would say - so poor form on his part to put her on and yell at her.

I believe birthers are sour people at heart, possibly suffering from all sorts of personality disorders. It is a kindness to ignore them from now on and, Mr. Trump, that includes you.

nitrox11 said...

Never heard of her before and we usually get to see the cream of the crazies on this side of the pond. I feel cheated thus far.

Oily Taints? I don't care what language you speak, that's not a real name. Is she a man in drag? Will she be running for any kind of elected office. Let's hope so.

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