Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes You CAN Hold It Against Me ...

A group of Marines in Afghanistan WERK Britney Spear's Hold It Against Me in this viral video. A couple of thoughts:
  • There are some extremely gorgeous people in this video - including the women. Actually, ESPECIALLY the women. The female Marine at the 1:20 mark could hold it against me any time she wanted. SRSLY.
  • The military should hire whoever put this together and place them in charge of recruitment videos. These brave kids make the war in Afghanistan look fun - not an easy task.
  • Britney should hire the entire cast to do EVERY video for EVERY song she ever releases. FOREVER.
  • Britney has seen the video, btw, and loves it.
  • Lastly - did I mention HOT, BRAVE MARINES?!?


kayce. said...

i concur in re: the woman at 1:20. lucky for me, female marines are like female nurses: 99% lesbionic! :)) thanks for sharing, david!

Capt BackFlip said...

Hahaha. That's my unit.

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