Thursday, April 21, 2011

And The Winner Is ...

Sorry for the delay in posting the results of the latest "Caption This" contest - but as stated in my last post, I've been spending most of my time being poked and prodded by men wearing surgical gloves. And NOT in a good way.

The Executive Selection Committee has met, and we've chosen the following caption as the winner:

"Jill, tired of his stupidity, refused to tell Dumb Tony that it was a throw pillow".

Congratulations to Soulbrotha on being named today's DustBunny of the Day!

The Committee would also like to recognize two comments with a Pabst Green Ribbon Honorable Mention:

"I'm Sorry... But if I am going to sleep with a girl, I have to wear full protection" (by Designing Wally)

"He stalled for time, wondering how the hell to get out of THIS lie" (by dot4668)

Great job everybody!!!!



soulbrotha said...

Thank you, dahlings!!

David Dust said...

Dearest DustBunny Soulbrotha -


I'm SO stealing that...


soulbrotha said...

Anything for you, dearest David.

Tee hee.

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