Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Taste Of Central PA

Due to an alarming lack of food for cats and for humans, I was forced to schlep over to the grocery store yesterday. While perusing the aisles of my local Associated, I spied something I never thought possible - PA Dutch "Chicken Pot Pie" in a can!

Let me explain. In South Central Pennsylvania, "Chicken Pot Pie" doesn't refer to those frozen things you buy at the grocery store and bake in the over. Pot Pie is a thick stew (no crust whatsoever) made with homemade square noodles. Some people still use the archaic German name for this delicacy: "Bot Boi" - which refers to stew or noodles or somesuch. But at my house, we called it "NOM NOM NOM NOM..."

Authentic "Pot Pie" image via The Google

Honestly, I never realized it even came in a can - I've only ever had it homemade. But canned is as close as I can get right now - so it'll just have to do. And the kitties better not even THINK of trying to get any.

UPDATE: Not too bad at all!!! The dumplings/noodles were wide and thick, and the "broth" was a nice consistency and overall it had an authentic taste. So glad I found this!



Wonder Man said...

I didn't know that and my partner is from Central PA

David Dust said...

Wonder Man - Ask him about REAL Chicken Pot Pie - I guarantee that he'll know what I'm talking about.


froggy said...

Did the canned version live up as advertised?

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'll bet the kitties came running when they heard the can opener!!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i make something akin to that called chicken dinner in the crockpot, sans the noodles-

enjoy your nom nom nom nom nom nom !!!!


MCWolfe said...

Oh my goodness, David, I had no idea pot pie came in a can! Pot pie or slippery dumpling dinners are a big fundraising thing in western Maryland, which is just across the Potomac from where I live. But I know what you mean - you describe chicken pot pie to someone who isn't from here and they look at you cross-eyed. Hope it lived up to your expectations and that you are feeling better.


Robert-Kent said...

And you thought our milk in bags was

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