Sunday, July 31, 2011

Model/Rapper/Producer - Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter, 28, primarily focuses on his flourishing music career these days - but his modeling career has been extremely successful as well.

Side Note: I've had a few pics of Brandon on my computer for quite some time, so I decided to look for a few more in order to create a post. During my internet photo search, I came across a Brandon Carter blog post from a blogger named ... wait, let me think ... DAVIDDUST! Sure enough, I featured Brandon back in September of 2008 and completely forgot (getting old sucks). You can check out that post HERE.



BosGuy said...

Holy crap... look at his abs. Of course I'm saying this after returning from a night out of drinking and stuffing nachos down my throat as I type.

Oh the horror. The horror.


Wonder Man said...


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