Monday, July 18, 2011

When Ads Collide

I took this screen grab from my blog earlier today. If you glance quickly, the two banner ads look like they might go together - but in reality they couldn't be more different.

The bottom ad is for hunting/fishing/camping retailer Cabela's - which is beloved by Outdoorsmen (and conservative Republicans) everywhere. The top ad is from Fleet and is focused on a gay man's desire to keep his "Backcountry" {{cough, cough}} in pristine condition. This, obvs, should be the "bottom" ad - if you smell what I'm flushing out stepping in.

BTW - you know you've made it as a Blogger when you can count Fleet as one of your advertisers. Just saying.


1 comment:

designing wally said...

What's wrong with warm ginger tea & some thirty-pound test???

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