Thursday, July 21, 2011

Motivators: Friendship, Jealousy and Vanity

Early 90's Pool Party at Budge's house. I'm the fabulous bitch in the turban - don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful. Budge's identity will not be revealed, in order to protect the convicted innocent.

In the past when I’ve lost weight, it's usually been for a specific purpose (a guy, an upcoming trip, etc). This time I’m doing it for many different reasons (mostly for my health) – but it never hurts to have a little extra motivation.

One day last week I got a call from my dear friend “Budge”, who happens to be serving time in a federal prison camp for embezzlement. Budge has called periodically over the past 3 years while he’s been “away”, and it’s always nice to hear from him. And it was during this phone call when I got a whole bunch of motivation to lose weight…

A few minutes into our conversation, Budge dropped a bombshell – he has lost 65 pounds!! After being locked up (and the same weight as me) for 3 years, Budge finally decided to start spending time in the gym – especially since he'll be released in lest than a year. And, YES, the fact that Budge has been incarcerated multiple times for White Collar crimes doesn’t faze me in the least - but the fact that he lost so much weight has me in a frenzy.

You see, ever since Budge and I met in 1991 on the dance floor of Stallions bar in Harrisburg, PA – he's usually been just a tad heavier than me. Even when we were both relatively thin 20-somethings, Budge still seemed chunkier (he’s also shorter, which adds to this perception). And I will BE DAMNED if he comes out of prison looking fabulous while I still look like Jabba the (Pizza) Hutt.

Vanity and jealousy can be extremely effective motivators - especially among friends.



froggy said...

omg!! That has to be one of the more unique weight loss stories I've ever heard! And I'm a sucker for every women's magazine with a headline on the cover *I lost XXX lbs*.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

game on!

i know exactly what you mean. i was watching that celebrity fit club thing and always comparing the female contestants to myself in a similar manner.

btw that's a great group shot! everyone looks happy and 1992ish!


mistress maddie said...

Now you know why I only have like four watercreat leaves for my dinner! I remember that picture, but sorry I missed that shot. I was much much younger than you bitches! I didn't even know you yet! 65lbs!!!!!! I must have heard you wrong on the phone the other night! WOW!

Sam said...

Oh just know that ho aint been to no gym maybe to join the dick suckers diet. biatch puhlease. Don't let her fool you. Bet that Ho ain't lost no weight.
Anyho. I couldn't pick you out of that crowd to save my life.
You are beautiful David. Be motivated by the fact Tug has lost a whooping three pounds.
On and the Ho in the chair to the right is budge. Has to be.

David Dust said...

Tug - Nope, that's not Budge. That is ... a LONG and tragic story. If you'd ever visit me I'd tell it to you.


Joy said...

Yes, that is motivation for sure! I'm almost ready to send in a report with something positive on it. I just want to feel better.

mistress maddie said...

Tug- Boy your good, I see then you have met our Budge! She is very popular in the big house!

Mechadude2001 said...

LOL. Meet your goals, DD.

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