Monday, July 25, 2011

Featured Model - Stefan Gatt

I couldn't find out much about today's featured model - Stefan Gatt - other than the fact that he's originally from Michigan but now pursues his modeling career in NYC. I also found some of his stats - via his modeling agency profile:

Height5' 9"

Model Agency Profile



mistress maddie said...

Oh well hello Stefan!!!!! Do they sell him at the Harder and Deeper store at the mall?

Lucien said...

Whoever his boyfriend is -better keep a tight leash on this new prime ass and piece of beef cake in the Big city

H M ZAK said...


Steven Lee Climer said...

He's straight, LOL. He used to workout at my gym and occasionally does so when he comes home to Michigan. He is a really funny, nice guy.

Johnny said...

Dang, wish you hadn't told me he's only 5'9. Hopefully I'll be able to pretend he's 6 ft, since I've already collected so many of his pics and he's got such a great tough guy face.

Johnny said...
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