Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Republican Honey Badgers

The New York Times (via DailyKos) eviscerates House Republicans today for their irresponsible behavior during debt ceiling talks:
House Republicans have lost sight of the country’s welfare. It’s hard to conclude anything else from their latest actions, including the House speaker’s dismissal of President Obama’s plea for compromise Monday night. They have largely succeeded in their campaign to ransom America’s economy for the biggest spending cuts in a generation. They have warped an exercise in paying off current debt into an argument about future spending. Yet, when they win another concession, they walk away. 
This increasingly reckless game has pushed the nation to the brink of ruinous default. The Republicans have dimmed the futures of millions of jobless Americans, whose hopes for work grow more out of reach as government job programs are cut and interest rates begin to rise. They have made the federal government a laughingstock around the globe.

It's becoming more and more evident Tea Party Republicans are like the Honey Badger: they just don't give a shit - about this country, its people and/or our economic well-being.


Joy said...

How did the Teabaggers get so much power? They need a smackdown! This is unlike anything I've ever seen!

Joy said...

Excellent comparison, btw!! xoxoxoxox

kayce. said...

second honey badger reference i've seen today! *runs to google*

but seriously: i really don't think that the tea baggers... wait, no, let's be real... there are very few members of congress that publicly associate themselves with those asshats. these are just run-of-the-mill republicans, acting en masse. ok, so: i really don't think that the republicans will be satisfied until there is full-scale revolt & rioting. seriously. that would give them the excuse they need to strip all of us of the remaining rights we're entitled to and push through a bunch of bullshit fascist legislation.

ok, i'm going to go now, as the influence of moscato has me sounding like a tinfoil-hat-wearer. but for real, these assholes scare me. they don't seem to care about consequences.

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