Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting One Yanked

Yesterday I survived my first real "Deep Cleaning" (AKA "Let's Torture His Gums!"). Today they should be yanking the little sucker who started this whole process when he became infected/painful.

Did I mention that I absolutely hate this shizz ? ...



Anonymous said...

Yikes. I hate the dentist too! But once it's done, you'll feel so much better.

Actually no, you'll be sore as hell. BUT, it's a great excuse to eat mashed potatoes and ice cream, right?

Princess said...

I hear you!... Recently had 3 molars pulled... waited 8 weeks in agony before getting in to a dentist! Thank goodness for painkillers and alcohol!

good luck and a speedy recovery!

Craig said...

How to Pull a tooth:

1 shot Whiskey
1 shot Vodka
3 oz sweet and sour mix
2 oz orange juice
over ice and shake
pour into glass and garnish with 1 orange slice and/or cherry

repeat until numb

have a very strong queen (the dock worker type) yank out tooth with pliers.

repeat drink part for pain control

see? you don't need insurance after all :)

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