Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Results Are In

Sorry for the delay in posting the DustBunny Good Days Initiative results this week - but all I seem to do is go from one medical appointment to the next these days. Plus, there's that pesky thing called "work" I have to deal with every now and again. Annoying!

DustBunny / # of Good Days last week
Jen - 5/7
LittleKarnak - 5/7
Craig - 5/7
Bucko - 5/7
Froggy - 4/7
MCWolfe - 4/7
TivoMom - 4/7
Uncy Carl - 4/7
Joy - 3/7
Kelly S - 3/7
Moi - ZERO/7    :(

Anywhore - as you can see, ya'll are doing great and I suck (see picture below). That is all.

Actually, that's NOT all - please elaborate on your week in the Comments section. Some of you lost weight, (I'm looking at you, Jen) and some of you made it to the gym (Joy!) - so tell us about it!



Joy said...

I've been walking on the treadmill and pedalling the elliptical and stationary bike. So far I don't last more than 20 minutes but am working up to 30. Then I'm going to take a class and start on the weight machines. Also eating low-carb to keep my blood sugar regulated. Am trying to eat several small meals but not there yet. Takes planning! LOL

Joy said...

As you noticed, I did this only 3 days. So far this week, I've walked every day and been eating better. Doctor's appointment Tuesday!!

Craig said...

I totally thought I had a 7/7 coming to me and then I was reminded of the funeral I had to go to on Friday!

I hate funerals and this one was no exception, but it was one of the Hubby's favorite Uncles and we had to pay respects to the family, and it was sad sad sad.

Then the family visit afterwards was choc full of chocolate chip cookies! Like the cousins had decided to try and out bake each other - and well, what's a boy to do, surrounded by cookies? I obviously had to make nice and try them all so I could compliment the cousins. Several times.

As I was reduced eventually to a waddle from over eating, the husband noticed (finally) and quickly ushered me to the car where I groaned all the way home. Too late to save those poor defenseless cookies though...

Saturday I spent exercising and eating celery in penance...

Then Sunday we had guests and with guests come...cookies...and salmon and cake and chips and guac and and and Sunday was a total loss.

dramatic sigh and sad face emoticon.

hugs bunnies!


Anonymous said...

I tried a juice fast last week, 5 days of nothing but fresh fruit and veggie juice. It was MUCH easier than I thought it would be (I loves my carbs) AND I lost 10 pounds, 4 of which came back after eating birthday food all weekend. I'm back to juice for breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner. It seems to be working well!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

was caught up at work and forgot to email my results- i was 5/7 days- we also had a death in the family so one afternoon was sundaes and a pizza dinner.

keep up the good work everyone who was satisfied with their results, and for those that were not- keep on keeping on!


froggy said...

Have a regular dr visit coming up so... have cut out bread and pasta. sob.

LittleKarnak said...

I lucked into 2 opportunities: the county parks and rec association (2 miles from my house) is sponsoring a boot camp. Attend as many sessions as you want for $50 a month...a steal! I signed up for Tues/Thurs at 7am, no one else signed up for that time so I get an intense 1 on 1 workout and the instructor is kind of cute so win win on that one. Made it to the gym twice. Also found out there is a paved walk/run/bike path that starts across the street from my apt so I've hit that up a few times too. And no eating out!!! Even if I whip up Bagel Bites and French Fries at home it's still better than than eating out!!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I suck so bad I can't even force myself to participate!

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