Monday, March 17, 2008

"Dear David Dust..."

"Dear David Dust -

I really like your blog! It is funny, sexy, and well-written - especially after 6 or 7 beers! Keep up the good work.

P.S. - I am a sexy white guy - could I be featured on White Meat Monday?



Dearest Wifebeater - your wish is my command!


James said...

dear wifebeater - when you finish emailing david and drinking your 7th beer please come over to my house.

Beth said...

...and then when you're done with James....kindly make a visit to MY house. Thank you very much.

Howard said...

Dear Wifebeater - I have a six-pack in the fridge. You can drink mine if I can have a taste of yours.

David Dust said...

James, Beth, and Howard - you are ALL Tranny Ho's. And I wouldn't trade you for the world.



Joy said...

They just fall into your lap, don't they, David my dear!

David Dust said...

Joy...I WISH that were the case!

Howard said...

David, your comments always make me feel so good! I'll be your Dust-Tranny for life!

Marker said...

Dear Wifebeater:

When you are done with James, Beth, and Howard, then you can head over to my place. Because you are so hot, I will not mind sloppy fourths.

David Dust said... are ALSO a Tranny Ho...and that would be "sloppy fifths" because I get him first.

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