Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mary Ann Caught with Mary Jane!

I have to give credit to Lady Bunny for that headline - I'm simply not that clever. Gilligan's Island star Dawn Wells was pulled over by police recently and was caught with marijuana. Get this - she blamed HITCHHIKERS, God love her!

You have to give it to the Tranny - she looks fierce for being 69-years-old (really!).

Read the full story from A Socialite's Life here.


Anonymous said...

Did she call the Howells to bail her out?

Mark in DE said...

Poor thing. Nearly 70, who the hell cares if Mary Ann wanted a little Mary Jane? They should have just left her alone.

Mark :-)

Beth said...

This is so cunny! But then, my mom used to take a toke or few...and she aint no spring chicken!!

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