Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday Message from the Westboro Baptist "Church":

Isn't that just lovely?!? I've posted about these hateful, evil assholes before. From Joe.My.God.


Mistress Maddie said...

Let them just eat dirt and die trash!!They will get theirs in the end.

Joy said...

I posted about those people when they came to my town to protest at the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. I never quite understood that or anything else they react to. I will not use the word "think" because they are incapable of reason and compassion. They are the epitome of sin and the most horrible people I can imagine. Holding those signs and shouting obscenities when families and friends have lost someone they love and blaming destruction from natural disasters (although New Orleans was because of the levies and government neglect) on Ellen, gay people, etc. is beyond comprehension! They are evil.

If I were gay or black, I'd be angry all the time. How do you keep from it? I get infuriated as it is and don't know how you manage to keep from going postal. See? I'm worked up now!

Joy said...

What we need is some evangelical cleansing in this country.

David Dust said...

Joy - you are correct, these people are TRULY evil.

But believe it or not, these people are SO out there and SO radical, that most people (including true Christians) realize they're simply lunatics, and they should be ignored. It's the low-key, institutionalized and almost "sublimanal" racism, sexism, and homophobia that are more destructive. When mainstream churches, state governments, or the Republican party consistently say gay people shouldn't have certain rights or brown people should be feared - these messages become mainstream and accepted. THAT'S much more scary and destructive than those Westboro assholes.

And I'm not mad all the time because I have bigger and better things to worry about - like how in the hell am I going to lose weight before the summer, and how am I going to make this boring season of Top Chef sound fun?!? THOSE are the real issues facing me these days. :)

Love you your hair!!


Joy said...

I know, I know. That's what my other friends who deal with this on a daily basis have said. Actually when I dated a black guy a couple of decades ago, I got such a sense of humor about it and thought of it as a sociological experiment in some ways. That is, when it didn't make me furious dealing with stupid people so much. I guess that's what bothers me so much after spending 37 years teaching students how to think, analyze, support opinions, research, and all those things we English teachers attempt to do, that ignorance is still alive and well. It pisses me off because I think some progress has been made until I'm confronted with it again.

Btw, it wasn't much of a big deal in this Southern small town except with a few people, and there are many interracial couples around as well as openly gay students and adults. Not that we're San Francisco by any means but totally not the way some people think we are.

David Dust said...

Joy - I have to tell you, I LOVE the fact that a retired English teacher reads my blog. I always loved English in school (along with History/Social Studies or whatever they were calling it at the time). There was always something about most of my English teachers that I responded to. I guess it didn't hurt that I paid attention and got good grades.

Math and Science...not so much.

Anywhoo - you should be commended for what you do/did. Teachers make SUCH a difference in our lives.

And you dated a black guy a couple of decades ago?!? In Tennessee??? Girl, you ARE fierce.

Can you find ME one (black, brown, purple, whatever)?...I want to be part of an interracial gay couple and come live in your newly tolerant small town...


Joy said...

Yes, I taught high school English and US History many years as well as art, creative writing, speech & drama, and 16 years teaching gifted kids. No wonder we get along so well!

I'm sure you do just fine finding your own hot guys, but I'll see what I can do. We definitely have rednecks here and religious nuts, but they are everywhere unfortunately, or I'd move.

You need someone fierce who walks for miles!

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