Sunday, November 14, 2010

BREAKING: I Fixed The Federal Deficit!

And you can too. Get your Fiscal Responsibility on and go to THIS COOL INTERACTIVE DEMONSTRATION from the New York Times to tackle the deficit yourself.

And while there, check out how very little the elimination of Teatard hated "Earmarks" actually reduces the deficit.

All the new Republicans entering Congress should be forced to do this before being sworn in.


Jake said...

You solved it but you didn't tell us how you solved it. Would be interesting to see if your cuts shared the pain or if unfortunately you joined the majority of our voters who want the other guy to pay and give up entitlements. Are you up to the challenge?

David Dust said...

Jake -

Honestly, I don't much remember the specifics. In general, I reduced the military to pre-George W. Bush levels and increased taxes on the super-wealthy. I also increased the age for Social Security/Medicare benefits to kick in.

NONE of which, I might add, any politician (Republican or Democrat) would have the balls to do these days.

Peter Maria said...

Well, that was kind of fun! I personally think earmarks are a bipartisan problem, but I was certainly surprised that they affect the deficit so little. Thanks for the link.

froggy said...

That was really instructive! Sent it to The Engineer and told him to hack away.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Sort of a naive toy but kinda fun!

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