Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tonight On The Fashion Show

Don't forget - The Fashion Show airs tonight on Bravo. And according to our good friends at Blogging Bravo:
The designers go back to the future this week when they are met by Iman at an NYC staple – the National History Museum – where she delivers their design challenge: select a time capsule containing items and accessories from a specific year to inspire your collection. While going back in time to get their inspiration, the challenge is to create a new, fashion-forward looks that incorporate that timeless pattern, plaid.

T-Rex skeletons wearing plaid?? Whatevs. Regardless, don't forget to come back here tomorrow afternoon for something resembling a recap.

And, btw, I just CAN'T with these two ...

1 comment:

froggy said...

The giggling.... oh. dear. Plaid - now that is a different challenge. Mondo would have killed it!

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