Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Every Day Is Caturday Around Here

This is a picture of today's "feeding time" at my Dad's house. Pete and Simon are Dusty's brothers - Benny and Bentley are Dusty's half-sister and brother. Yes, my darling Dusty's birth mother was the town Ho - no comments please regarding the Ho status of Dusty's adoptive mother (AKA: me).

Here's the kicker about the above photograph - that's not ALL of their cats! Not pictured: Princess, Blackie and Puff (who live outside most of the time). Please also hold your comments regarding the mental state of my Dad and Stepmom for having so many damn cats!

And NO - their house doesn't smell like the Tidy Cat Home for Wayward Kitties. Dad is retired - and by "retired", I mean "spends all day scooping out litter boxes". And Stepmom is a cleaning lady by trade - so when she's done cleaning up after other people's cats, she comes home and cleans up after her own. Honestly, you'd never know they had cats if the little critters weren't constantly running around under your feet.

Anywhore - my laundry is halfway done, I've already been to Arby's (YUM!) and Wal-Mart, and in a little while I'm heading out to one of the gay bars where I caused much trouble and broke many hearts back in the day.



Miss Ginger Grant said...

WOW- and I thought I had a lot of cats!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

explain how 'eleven' came to be a cat name-sounds like a good story could be attached.


Wonder Man said...

have a good time

David Dust said...

Miss A -

I wish there was a good story - but Eleven was simply Dad & Stepmom's 11th cat at one time (he is actually now 10th, since one recently died).


froggy said...

There is an ad for a scooper litter box under the comment clicky. lolol!
Give them all a scritch behind the ears!

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