Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans

I have an extremely taxing two-day workweek this week - and then I'm off until next Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I'll be taking my annual trip to the land of my forefathers and foremothers - Central Pennsylvania.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - no presents to buy, no feeling guilty for not setting foot in a church for 35 years - just plain old American gluttony. Although I just read that the Teatards think Thanksgiving is some kind of socialist commie bastard holiday. Or something. Sweet Baby Jeebus, those idiots ruin EVERYTHING.

While in PA, my best gay girlfriend and I are planning on seeing Burlesque (Cher + Xtina = GAYGASM), and I was thinking about taking my Dad to see Harry Potter (he has read all the books) - but not if there's a scene like this ...

In a programming note, I will NOT be recapping tomorrow's The Fashion Show - but recaps will return the following week. Also, blogging will be existent but much lighter than usual while I'm away.

What are YOUR plans for the Thanksgiving holiday??



froggy said...

Soooo glad you get to go home. Eldest could not get Friday off - people need to drink on Black Friday. He is coming Friday night (flying and asking for the enhanced patdown).

Dan said...

Going to Luis's moms. All though, I am making the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and the gree bean casserole.

Have an amazing trip sweetheart, you deserve it!

Peter said...

I love Friday shopping with huge discounts...


BTW, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands ;)

David Dust said...

Oh gosh - I forgot to mention that I'll be eating TWO Thanksgiving feasts on two separate days!

Thursday - With my Dad and Stepmom at my Aunt's house.

Saturday - At Mama Bunny's house with my brother.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

we are going up to tony's folks' house. i am in charge of YAMS!!!!!!



Miss Ginger Grant said...

This year for Thanksgiving I am making:


Don't feel like all the hassle this year!

Mark in DE said...

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!

Beth said...

Have a wonderful time back home! Just spending lots of time with family here, very little travel involved. We're supposed to get snow on Thanksgiving day. ::sigh::

Safe travels, my dear! XOXO

Sam said...

Oh have great fun over their in Carlisle. Good Love that truck stop town.
Anyho, For Thanksgiving I will try not going to jail for strangling #9's MIL. The bitch is a older dumber version of Sarah Palin via West Texas.
The bitch gives good Teabaggers everywhere a bad name.
Have fun HO!

Joy said...

Sounds wonderful! Thanksgiving is my favorite, too, for the same reasons you mentioned. Spending it at Mother's with family! xoxoxoxxoxo

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