Saturday, April 2, 2011

Show Off

SO WHAT - she's good at SCIENCE! What's that gonna get her - a job in Aerospace Engineering?!? Oh, wait...

WUT-EVAH. I bet Miss Thing hasn't done truly noteworthy stuff like winning a Watermelon eating contest AND a Hopscotch tournament like yours truly had by the age of 14. Put THOSE on your resume and see what happens, little girl!! [Spoiler Alert: Not a damn thing]

On the other hand, HERE'S a young lady who knows her science, and is PASSIONATE about it:

I bet her parents are so proud.


1 comment:

Kailyn said...

Thankfully I was not eating or drinking anything when I read this. I am still laughing.

Oh and how cute. One of your ads is for Farmville.

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