Wednesday, April 6, 2011

United States of the Environment

New York has the lowest per capita energy consumption, I'm sure because so many of us in the City don't have cars. And Pennsylvania (where I was born) grows the most organic mushrooms. Ewwwwww ... I HATES mushrooms.

What's going on in your state?

Source: Joe.My.God


Joy said...

Most caves. Who knew? Yes, I know you can say a lot about this.

froggy said...

Most organic apples. Who knew? I knew about apples but not the organic bit.

nitrox11 said...

I'm not from the US but good friends live in Indiana, so I looked there first. Can anyone explain how being the 'Burial place of Johnny Appleseed' reflects on Indiana's' performance in securing America's green future? Nothing else of any environmental importance happens there? Really?

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